RV Medic and Solar 



Boondock with Solar


Residential Refrigerator


1000 watt PSW Inverter

Order this inverter to run your residential refrigerator while boondocking,

CNBOU 1000 watt Pure Sine Wave.. Wire into the current refrigerator circuit.

Also needed: Auto Transfer Switch,   1/0awg cable and appropriate fuse

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Order this inverter to run most of your 120 volt appliances and chargers including your microwave. it will charge the house batteries while on shore power. Remember to add Remote panel,  2/0 inverter wire and appropriate fuses.

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3000watt HYBRID

Victron 12/3000/120-50

This inverter will satisfy all your 120 volt needs as well as offer load support for smaller generators and when on 15-or 20 amp shore power. Has 50 amp pass thru..Run all your appliances including the microwave as well as charge your laptop and phone. Remotefuses and   4/0 inverter wire available

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