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Boondock with Solar



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 *All bundles come with appropriate wire, fuses and professional installation

Traveler Package

2 x 200w panels (400 watt expandable)

40amp MPPT Controller with Bluetooth

Proper wire and fuses

Professional  Installation

add Optional Inverter, Batteries, and Battery Monitor 


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Full Timers Package

4-180w panels (720 watts)

50A MPPT Controller with bluetooth

Combiner Box

Wire and fuses

Professional Installation

add Optional Inverter and Battery Monitor below


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Add Inverter            Add Battery Monitor

                                      Installation Extra                                     Installation Extra                                                       

Custom Sizes Also Available

Don't see the Bundle that is best for you?

We can build larger and smaller bundles to meet your specific Boondocking needs

Contact us for custom Bundles info and pricing

Installation Rates

Installation and Repair Rate $100.00 / hr 

​Watch for special rates on promotions